Investing in our Staff

At CA&T Nettoyage, we recognize the importance of our company services and its success relies with having the right staff, training, maintaining high standards of hygiene and in investing in our staff. We are proud to be amongst the top companies in Lebanon who continuously invest in our staff, we hand pick them, train them to the highest levels and ensure that their work standards are of world class, specially when many of our esteemed clients are of international standards and dealing with hospitality, food, health and hygiene.


We pick our employees under stringent measures ensuring that their personal hygiene and cleanliness is just as an important factor as their skills. We regularly submit them to medical check-ups to ensure that health and safety regulations are met, and above all we insure them for any personal accidents during work thus relieving our clients from responsibilities.

CA&T Nettoyage supervisors are very highly qualified personnel and are continuously upgrading their skills and expertise through seminars, training videos, and all available up to date cleaning audio visual aids.

Our training material is obtained from world class cleaning organizations that are subject to international standards, especially where public health and food hygiene is concerned.