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CA&T Nettoyage was established in 1994 by three young entrepreneurs who have had valuable experience in the cleaning industry in Europe, combined with professionalism, teamwork, and a vision.


CA&T Nettoyage was the first cleaning company to introduce stewarding in Lebanon. Understanding the need for very high standards of hygiene in the food industry, CA&T Nettoyage provides services to the chef where our staff would be available to continuously provide help, cleaning and assistance.

Kitchen cleaning includes dishes, pots and pans, utensils, machinery table tops, floors, walls and every thing that is needed to ensure food hygiene.

Public area cleaning is another service that we provide to our esteemed clients. Whether it is offices, malls, beach resorts, hospitals, hotels or large commercial centers, CA&T Nettoyage has the know-how and the man power to provide superb standards of cleaning for any type of business or organization. Our staff are highly trained in every area of public cleaning.

CA&T Nettoyage provides trained housekeeping staff to five stars hotels, that can be trained further to our client's specifications and training standards. We respond to our clients needs immediately and ensure that staff are increased during high seasons, and decreased during low seasons.

Our supervisors are always available to manage workers, measure performance, and deal with problems or to take action as needed.

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Our continuous training of our staff and supervisors, plus the choice of high cleaning products and machinery, allow us to provide a very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness to our clients.

We do not stop there, we continuously and routinely run inspection on clients premises, to ensure that all our staff are compliant with what they have learnt, and we measure performance to ensure that we continue to give the same level of expert cleaning and hygiene that our clients have come to expect from CA&T Nettoyage.

Our supervisors are experts in the cleaning field and in Hygiene standards, and they inspect and overlook all our operations regularly, monitoring staff performance, cleaning procedures, hygiene standards and the usual high quality that we train all our staff to achieve.

We are oriented towards our clients’ needs and requirements, and continuously search for new resources to provide them with services that surpass their expectations.