Our Clients

We continuously listen to our clients, and then work on providing them their needs, so that they are always satisfied with our level of service, standards and commitment.

We work hard at keeping our hygiene standards above average and in compliance with world standards. We kee...


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Investing in our Staff

At CA&T Nettoyage, we recognize the importance of our company services and its success relies with having the right staff, training, maintaining high standards of hygiene and in investing in o...

Our Services

Public Area
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Mobile Automation Solutions
Inspection (Quality Control)
High Cleaning Standards

All our staff are trained and managed by our highly skilled and qualified Lebanese supervisors.

CA&T Nettoyage supervisors ensure that all our employees are carrying out their duties as expected. They check on quality of the work and supervise the workers dealing with all related issues relieving our clients from the task of monitoring the cleaning process, or the workers.

We make sure that:
  • Absentees are replaced, so that our clients do not have to worry about staffing or cleaning
  • All cleaning material, detergents, machinery, etc. are available and in goo...

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Welcome to Cat Nettoyage

CA&T Nettoyage is an important player in the cleaning industry as a result of its expertise, dedication and continuous quest of excellence.

Our services go further than just cleaning, we provide continuous training of our staff, quality control, and above all customer care and satisfaction. We are oriented towards our clients' needs and requirements, and continuously search for new resources to provide them with services that surpass their expectations.

Our area of expertise falls into the following categories:

» Stewarding            » Public area            » Housekeeping

We go the extra mile to ensure our clients satisfaction.

Customer Care

We go the extra mile to ensure our clients satisfaction.

CA&T Nettoyage...

What We Do?

CA&T Nettoyage
was established in 1994 by three young entrepreneurs who have had valuable experience in the cleaning industry in Europe, combined with professional...